What Can You Knit with Our Sock Yarn?

Sock Yarn Makes Great Shawls

Caribeño Shawl

Using "Quintessential Orange" and "Teal with a Kiss"

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Scrumptious socks

Vanilla Souffle Socks

Using "I'm Done with Winter"

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We are fans of the fade

Fangirl Fade Shawl

Using "Out of Blue Comes Green," "Hunting High and Low," "Keenan," and "Velvet"

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Something Cute for the Cuties

Quincy Quade Quentin

Using "Early Morning"

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Giverny? Mais, Oui!

Gardens of Giverny

Using "Forever Not Yours" and "East of the Sun"

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Ranbow Vibes

Vector Field

Using "Off to Play with My Unicorn" and "Driftwood"

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Shawl for All Seasons

Caragh Shawl

Using Horsehead Nebula and The Blood that Moves the Body

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Blue Shawl

Vector Field Shawl

Using "Your Brain on Yarn" and "That Brit Up the Street"

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From Dusk to Dublin

Caragh Shawl

Using Dragonfly and Botanic Hydrangea

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