Scoundrel Skeins? What is a Scoundrel Skein?

Scoundrel Skeins? What is a Scoundrel Skein?

Some dye formulas turn out wonderful time after time with little to no variation between dye lots. 

And then there are the scoundrels, the dye formulas that look like completely different colors every. single. time. ARGH!

Take for example Brunch at Ali's 

NEITHER OF THESE are the correct color!

But, correct by whose standard? Well, my standard.

Is there anything wrong with these skeins? Nope, just not the color they are supposed to be.

You might ask, doesn't this drive you insane? Thanks for asking, YES! It drives me mental. And that's why they're scoundrel skeins. 

The Scoundrel Skeins category is for those skeins that either misbehave, like St. Brigid and Brunch at Ali's, color experiments, or retired colors. Color experiments are colorways I'm either testing for myself or for a shop - they can't all be winners. Retired colors are usually colors that don't sell well or I've created a similar color I like better. 

I recommend checking the Scoundrel Skeins tab frequently. Dyeing yarn has it's surprises and you never know when I'll be adding new skeins to the list. 

Oh, Scoundrel Days was a-ha's second studio album and I simply had to use the scoundrel wordplay for these naughty skeins. 


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