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Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn

Scoundrel Baby Teal Sock Yarn

Scoundrel Baby Teal Sock Yarn

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Baby Teal Colorway retired May 2023 and once it's sold, it's gone, never to be dyed again because it's a Scoundrel Skein!

Why is it a Scoundrel Skein? Because...Oh wait, you're not my kid, so here's the real explanation. Sometimes as a dyer, there is a dye that just doesn't play nice and then batch after batch the color isn't even close. This is one of those colors. 

75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

4ply yarn

463 yds/100g skein

Softness Rating: 3

This is the workhorse yarn. It can be used for baby items, socks, shawls, you name it. It's soft enough to envelope your feet in knitting socks, but strong enough to walk around your house without shoes on. Also, it's machine washable, so no fears of shrinking your work.

Store pickup is available at Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn, 18903 S. William St #382 Rudyard, MI


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