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Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn

Fangirl Boomerang Fade Shawl Kit

Fangirl Boomerang Fade Shawl Kit

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Get a FREE pattern when purchasing the kit! You can custom your 4 favorite colors from Sock Yarn Collection, please check here to see if the color is available. Put your 4 colors in the instruction box when ordering.

Here is a simple fade pattern to show off your four favorite Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn colorways.

The great thing about a fade is that the colors do not need to be matchy-matchy or even in the same color family. The fade section allows you to play with color combinations. The shawl has 7 sections: 4 solid sections and 3 fade sections. The pattern explains how to do each section and how to make sure you're "locking in" the yarn you carry in the fade sections. 

Once you get your 4 skeins in your hands, play around with how you want the colors arranged in your shawl. Have fun with it! If you're really struggling, I recommend setting the colors on a table on the other side of the room and looking at them from a distance.

And, the super selling secret to this kit: if you follow the pattern, then you should be able to get a second shawl out of the four skeins (the colors will go in the opposite order). If this is your goal, I recommend weighing your skeins in grams before you knit and then when you're done. 

Store pickup is available at Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn, 18903 S. William St #382 Rudyard, MI


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