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Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn

Go Crazy Hat Pattern

Go Crazy Hat Pattern

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This hat is designed to be made with a strand each of bulky, sock, and mohair yarns. You can keep it tame or go crazy with the colors you bring together. And, here’s a secret, you can make it with whatever yarn you want. Two strands of worsted? Three strands of light fingering and a mohair? Just be sure your gauge is 3 stitches per inch. 

Does gauge really matter - in a hat, it sure does! Knit a swatch (I said it, well, typed it, but trust me, knit the swatch!) to test the combination of yarns with your tension. 

Notes about sample hats:

Hat 1 with Blue Pompom - Knit with Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn Your Brain on Yarn Bulky and Sock Yarns + Hello! Silk Mohair 

Hat 2 with Magenta Pompom - Knit with Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn Melancholy Oysterboy Bulk, Too Much Sock Yarn,  and Hello! Silk Mohair 

Hat 3 with White Pompom - Knit with Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn Driftwood Bulky, The Blood that Moves the Body Sock Yarn, You Are the One, The Blood that Moves the Body, and some pink silk mohair I found in my leftovers. 

For all three hats I started with a new skein of bulky yarn. The sock and mohair yarns were from my leftovers. 

On Hat 3, I used a strand of sock and then 2 strands of mohair. I started with a magenta and speckled mohair and then when I ran out of the magenta I added a light pink. It was a happy accident! I love the way the hat starts darker at the bottom and then gets lighter as you move up and finishes with a white pompom. 

Have fun with the colors and yarns you choose!

Store pickup is available at Keenan Hand Dyed Yarn, 18903 S. William St #382 Rudyard, MI


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